Andrew Hansen, Junior Specialist


Andrew Hansen received an M.S. degree in Neuroscience from Brandeis University and a B.S. degree in Physics - Biophysics from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. His primary interest is to reverse-engineer cognitive processes in neuromimetic neural networks and to develop robust cognitive models using mathematically defined boundaries, empirically derived metrics, and statistical methodologies. Bilaterally, Andrew is interested in exploring the computational dynamics native to neural circuitry to produce and implement novel, cognition-inspired machine learning algorithms. Andrew's inspiration lies in the profound philosophical conundrum of reconciling qualia with a scientifically coherent and functional theory of consciousness. Andrew holds a diverse background of research experience spanning the applied to the theoretical: from neurobiochemistry and epigenetics to the development of single- and multi-neuron simulations as well as programmatic interfaces for experimental neuroscience protocols. When Andrew isn't busy sciencing, he can be found creating artwork via artificial neural networks as well as a variety of conventional means. Additionally, he enjoys playing blues guitar and venturing outdoors with his fellow scientist and life partner Evelia. 

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